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Orders can be picked up or sent nationwide in New Zealand.  Orders can be paid for by credit card for pick up, or for orders being shipped, you can complete the order and the invoice for payment will be sent after the freight cost has been calculated.  Once payment has been received, we will send your order. We send plant orders Monday to Wednesday.  

The easiest way to obtain a quote is to place an order through the online shopping cart - this does not require payment. To find out more about getting  quote, vIew our FAQs .


A native of the Mexican Highlands. Also known as White Sapote. Fruit the size of an apple with a thin green skin.

The pulp is delicious, creamy and smooth, the flavour is sweet and rich. Fruit ripens in May/June.

Generally fruit is mature if it comes easily from the tree with a gentle twist, changes to a lighter colour and is slightly soft to touch.

Handle gently as they bruise easily. Store in a cool spot and eat within a few days of ripening

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