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Farm Planting

Interested in planting trees or manuka on your property?  We can help. 

Most farms benefit from a wide range of tree plantings to reduce nutrient runoff and retire unproductive land. Current prices for carbon credits and subsidies available can make this a very affordable initiative.


We can provide customised consulting services for as little as $300 to map and develop a planting plan.


We can also assist in planting plans for areas of your property not suitable for Manuka or forestry that will support birds and bees year round. Most farm planting has the potential for increased planting of Eucalyptus and Acacia for timber production as an alternative or complementary to traditional Radiata Pine plantings. With careful planning, this can also provide additional honey production outside of the Manuka flowering period.


We stock or can source high UMF cultivars for your project. As we are also beekeepers we have a unique knowledge of what works and what doesn't. 

Planting trees for bees also has relevance for riparian planting. We can suggest a native species mix that will provide a better year round supply of nectar and pollen. We can also help with amenity planting for shade and shelter. As all of our trees are noted for their colour and flowering, this can add significant amenity value to your property.

Farm planting is typically a multi-year project, so if you have a project please contact us.

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